SEP 24, 2013

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Opening of the first MSGM mono-brand store. The new space, with 6 window displays, located at the corner of Via Ponte Vetero and Via Sacchi in Milan, offers more than 100 m2 entirely dedicated to the men, women and accessories collections.

The MSGM Milan boutique is the first step of a worldwide retail project that plans new openings also in Asia and United Arab Emirates in 2014.


The concept was created by architect Massimiliano Locatelli, together with the brand's creative director Massimo Giorgetti, while the project was developed by CLS Architetti.


The space is a combination of contrasts and opposites that interact in the creative eclecticism of the brand's DNA.

Everything is inspired by the idea of the city, its energy and street style. Pure fuel for MSGM. The city drawn into the shop, the shop drawn into the city; a dialogue between inside and outside, in a contemporary neo-minimalist light.


The flooring is made of dark asphalt, an unusual material for a boutique, but familiar to everyone. The outside becomes inside. The improper use of the material, the element out of place, is also a distinctive feature of the MSGM's collections.


The walls are made of immaculate, almost unreal white plaster. Like candid sheets of paper, dirtied by a black line of rubber marking the corners like a pencil outlining the space. Shiny and opaque. Opaque white against shiny black.

An upside-down tree breaks the sterile atmosphere, bursting through the ceiling...like grass growing at the edges of the asphalt. Nature winning through.

Flexible, bendable iron structures hold the clothes, ready to change and adapt to the changes in the city.

Then the marble: black and white, and the inevitable fluorescent touch, a yellow line acting as the only colour to break into the routine of city life.


The lighting is uniform, like in a museum: artificial daylight...to give the feeling of being outside. Neon tubes run out of the ceiling in geometrical forms. Lastly, there is a special light just for the clothes: enveloping them and exalting their colours, fitting perfectly into the space.



Art direction and design by prism

Man Spring Summer
Woman Spring Summer
Woman resort
Woman Pre-fall
Woman Fall Winter
Man Fall Winter