SEP 26, 2013


NYC 1993: experimental jet-set, trash and no star. The exhibition on the 1990s has just opened at the New Museum in NYC.


The fragrance of the 1990s - the theme tune from Beverly Hills 90210 - Brandon Walsh vs. Dylan McKay.


Followed by broken, raw images from the world of skateboarding. 

Ken Park by Larry Clark and Paranoid Park by Gus Van Sant.

California vs. Minnesota - Surf vs. grunge - Street vs. middle class.

And above all...the music.

Nirvana, Green Day, Off Springs, The Hole, Garbage, EMF, the Cardigan.


A series of fragments, grainy scenes from memory, a flash of sequences.

This is the new MSGM Men’s 2014 Spring-Summer collection.


The challenge: sophisticated sportswear and casual suits. It looked like the fun was over, but it was only hiding!

Tie-Dye is our new mantra.

Shibori tie-dye, in stripes, which turns into a biker flame, then psychedelic, and lastly a hologram

The grunge flower is the new clashing match.

A patchwork of camouflage snakeskin is our new obsession, the new print.


The slogan is the usual exaggeration - MSGM rulez.


Surfer stripes in acid colours on trousers.

Tie-Dye patchwork stripes on sweatshirts.

Stripes on jumpers over grunge.

Faded stripes on shirts.

Flowery stripes on parkas and anoraks.


The silhouette has changed. It is over.

Off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Set-in sleeves.


The sweatshirt is printed, worn, and combined with other materials to create original patchworks of colour and prints

Even the most classic paisley is printed in acid colours, worn and transformed into a printed canvas.


Logo mania -“M” mania.

Raw edged cuffs and necklines on Oxford shirts

and on the hems of canvas trousers.


Baseball caps and rucksacks in prints.

Blue, Olive green and khaki are non-colours.

Bright blue, rose, lime, red and geranium are the new colours. 



Art direction and design by prism

Man Spring Summer
Woman Spring Summer
Woman resort
Woman Pre-fall
Woman Fall Winter
Man Fall Winter